Blackish: Bow Has Post Partum Depression

Last year, the sitcom, “Blackish” had a very heartfelt and the most realistic episode I have seen on T.V. in a while about Post-Partum Depression. I watched the episode twice, once alone and once with my husband, and I cried both times. Even my husband got emotional because it bought back the feeling of helplessness as he watched me suffer as I gave birth to our first child. It brought back so many memories for us.

In 2011, the birth of my oldest daughter was honestly life or death for one of us. It resulted in a emergency c-section that took weeks and even months for my body to recover. It was safe to say that I was experiencing the “baby blues” but looking back I also had some Post-Partum Symptoms. This was well before I became a therapist and before I became fully aware of what Post-Partum depression really was. I cried every other hour, I often felt helpless, hopeless, and I felt so overwhelmed. My husband had to go leave after 2 weeks after I had given birth with Army and I was juggling grad school. Not to mention my baby sister had just gave birth to twins and I was also concerned about her. I was missing my mother like crazy because she had died when I was 11 years old. I craved that motherly figure that I so desperately needed at that time in my life. I actually felt ashamed, lonely, and sad.

Looking back now, and as a therapist in this field, my feelings and symptoms were completely normal and treatable. This is one of the areas that I am very compassionate about and I love to work with this population. Please know that you are not crazy nor or you alone. It will take time to adjust to having a new baby because our hormones are everywhere.

If you have not seen the episode of Blackish: Bow Has Post-Partum Depression, I strongly suggest that you watch it. Here is a short clip attached below.

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