Therapy for Therapists

As a therapist I know firsthand how working in this profession can be taxing to our mental health and self-care.  Taking care of yourself is extremely important in order to provide the best care for our clients’ and rejuvenate ourselves.  Therapists seek therapy for a number of reasons and I truly believe it is very necessary at some point in our lives to seek professional help.  I truly believe that in order to be the most effective in our profession it is vital that we work on our own issues that many people try to avoid or compensate for by helping others.  The dangers of this is that eventually, it will catch up with you.  Here are some signs to know whether or not you should seek therapy as a therapist.

  1. Compassion Fatigue—sometimes we give so much of ourselves we end burning out and we need to hit the reset button.
  2. Unresolved trauma and/or grief—sometimes there are issues in our own lives that we try to avoid dealing with and over time it catches up with us in some area of our lives.
  3. Anxiety/Stress/Depression
  4. You have a hard time Saying No—Some therapists have a hard time setting boundaries with their clients’ because they care so much.
  5. You repeatedly internalize others’ needs/issues—-sometimes therapists’ have a hard time setting boundaries with their emotions.  It is not uncommon for a therapist to be concerned about their clients’ but if it is constant and causing you a lot of stress it may be time to see another therapist to work on setting emotional boundaries.
  6. Life/Family Issues— therapists have major life events that happen to them as well and need a listening ear and environment where they are safe.  Some of those could be going through a divorce, death in the family, adjusting to major transitions within a family unit whether good or not so good. 
  7. Lack of self-care—-some therapists are so consumed with work that they barely breath and take time to enjoy life.

I absolutely love working with therapists and I love going to therapy if I am in need.  If you are a therapist seeking therapy contact me today.  I also offer telehealth services for those who have very busy lives. 

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