“Who’s Your Daddy”

This post was inspired by therapy sessions that I have had with several clients’ over past few years and my own life. Did you know that most people equate God to their actual earthly father, unintentionally? For example, if you had an earthly father that abandoned you or rejected you, you may think in your conscious or subconscious that God will do the same thing. You may have a father that was in your life and/or home but they barely made time for you. We may think deep down in our subconscious, “Does God really care about what I think or feel”.

I challenge you to sit and think for a minute and ask yourself, “Do I put God in the same category as my earthly Father”? I know the answer for me is yes. Growing up, my earthly father was not around. Out of respect for him I will not go into a lot details. I definitely felt abandoned, rejected, and not important to him. I would even go a little further and say that if our earthly mother was neglectful, abusive in anyway, or absent we can absolutely unintentionally put God in the same category as our mothers’. My mother passed away when I was 11 years old and it was truly tragedy. Prior to her passing, my mother was in abusive relationships, she became an alcoholic over time, and she rarely asked my siblings and I how we felt or validated our feelings. In a sense, I had become mute. I barely shared my true emotions with people out of fear of being shut down or rejected because that’s what my mother did. When I gave my life to Christ I did the same thing to God. Over time, I had to allow God to heal me in this area and realize that my emotions and feelings they matter to Him.

There are times now when I am emotional, frustrated, tired, and I don’t process my feelings with God. In my quite time, I can hear God say, “Daughter I am still here, talk to me”. He says, “I am here when you are frustrated, tired, mad, happy, excited, and all of the above, I am here, give it to me.” It breaks me down every time because growing up my feelings and emotions did not matter to most of the adults around me. At least, that is how I felt.

I have grown so much in this area, and I find myself ministering to others about this topic. I promise you, God cares about every detail of our lives. It says in His Word, He is the Father to the Fatherless (Psalms 68:5). I am a living testimony that He is all of that and I promise He can handle our emotions, it does not scare Him away. There are times when I am disappointed and I miss my mother so much but He comforts me and fills those voids that were once so large, painful, and empty. I challenge you to give those scars to God concerning what you lacked from parenting and allow God to fill it. He won’t leave you or forsake you. You can Trust God with your pain and fear. His love is overwhelming and He takes delight in being there for us every step of the way. I challenge you to ask God to show you areas where you have shut him out due to your pain. My question is, “Who’s Your Daddy”.

Read the article, “Does God care about the little things in our lives”.

This is one of my favorite worship songs, “He’s A Good Good Father“.

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