Die Empty

In the midst of everything that is going on in the world and seeing so many people dying from COVID-19, it truly breaks my heart. After loosing my mother in 1996 at the age of 11 and so many other family members over the past few years, I’m very familiar with grief. My heart is full of compassion and prayers for those who are grieving right now. I think about those who couldn’t be there with their families before they passed away and they can’t give them a proper burial. I think about distant family and friends who can’t travel to consol each other and embrace one another in love and comfort due to social distancing. In my culture, being able to cook, bring a meal, help with burial arrangements, and just hug one another is a huge part of the grieving process. It truly breaks my heart and if you’re reading this know that I’m praying for you 😢.

As I lay here in prayer and talking to the Lord, I said Lord I feel so bad. I feel like so many are going through but my family and I, we feel so safe and we truly feel covered. Just the other day, my husband said the Lord told him He has sent more angels to cover us and to cover our home even the more during this time. We could truly feel God’s presence heightened during this time That bought tears to my eyes because I feel like none of us are exempt from leaving this world. Life is so precious and even though I do at times, I have to remind myself that life is so precious.

After I asked the Lord these questions he quickly responded, It’s not time for my family and I to die yet. I was truly amazed at this answer and humbled. It’s so many of us that the Lord has covered during this time even the more because we have a purpose to fulfill. It’s not for us to live selfishly or carelessly. I’ve always tried to walk in purpose but now I’m more determined than ever to, “Die Empty”. I encourage you that if you are still here, pick up your cross, push past your fears, and walk in a what God has called you to do. Life is to precious and I don’t want you or I to get to heaven one day and see that we’ve missed opportunities and failed to walk out our purpose here on Earth 🌎.

I can’t help but think about Jesus and how he gave everything that God put inside of him to the people here on earth. He performed miracles, signs, and wonders. He preached and taught the Gospel. He poured into the disciples who became Apostles that started the Church and finally He died for us before conquering the enemy in 3 days. Jesus fulfilled His purpose and he recieved a great reward for it. He is truly an example of how to walk out our Salvation. Let’s not waste it!!!

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