Healing Anointing Oil Testimony

I don’t know if it’s the prayer that is anointed or the saint BUT the oil sure is anointed! Lol. Seriously, last year I struggled with anxiety really bad that I passed it down to my daughter. She not only got diagnosed with anxiety but depression as well! I received this oil a few months later for free (that’s how you know it’s anointed lol) and I rubbed it on my child’s forehead, hands, and feet (along with prayer) every night! Long story short she does not wake up in the middle of the night fearful and her dreams are not bad anymore! And, you may say “Well the prayer could of did that..” agree! So, let me give you another testimony! Last year as well I kept having pain in the back of my head and left shoulder. When I went to the doctor he told me it was inflammation (I have inflammation throughout my body at times usually when I’m really stressed) and it was affecting my nerves. He told me to take ibuprofen and it will go away eventually. Yup that was all he told me! I don’t like to take medication so I decide to apply ice and rough it out. But, the ice worked while it was on there but not long. One night, I rubbed the oil on the back of my neck and left shoulder after rubbing oil on my own forehead, feet, and hands. The  pain went away instantly! I promise I’m not here to lie to y’all! It has happened every night I’ve had to use it since and it also worked the same (within 5 minutes) with my headache. I used my oil every day and night since 


and now in need of more! I ordered 2 bottles 


-Da’Shawn Gill

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