About Mrs. Torres

Mrs. Shakeeta Torres is an Fully Licensed Clinical Social Worker (Counselor) from Dunn, NC. She is the owner of EmPowered2Shift Counseling & Coaching Services, a faith based mental health organization providing counselling services to individuals, couples, and children. Mrs. Torres is also a Inspirational Speaker, Writer, and Life Coach.

What drives Mrs. Torres and empowers her to continue to do what she is called to do is the fact that she is a survivor of physical and sexual childhood trauma who has transitioned from “Pain to Purpose”. When Mrs. Torres fully accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior in 2008, God set her onto a journey of healing, purging, and deliverance so that today she can be used by God to walk with others to receive what God has done for her.

Mrs. Torres has been serving others through the marketplace since 2007 in the areas of Hospice, Elderly Care, Child Protective Services, and Mental Health.  Mrs. Torres is the Wife of Mr. Rafael Torres since 2009 and together they have two precious daughters.  Mrs. Torres is extremely passionate about drawing others to Christ and helping them to tackle the obstacles that may stand in the way of others receiving their breakthrough.  

Mrs. Torres is known for being transparent, having a joyful spirit, full of life, drive, passion, and compassion. These qualities along with her education and continued growth transcends and sparks a hunger within her clients’ to embrace the process of healing, become their authenticate selves, and to live on “Purpose”.

The purpose of this site is for you the viewer to learn more about Mrs. Torres in an intimate way and is a space for her to share her journey about her past experiences, education about Mental Health, tips on how to navigate through life, provide encouragement, and share with you current and past events that continues to shape her life today. Thank you for being here!

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