Prophetic Word: The Lord is about to Pass You By

On Monday March 18, I was driving in my car and listening to William McDowell’s song, “Don’t Mind Waiting” and the Lord dropped these words into me and told me to share this Word with the World. If you have been waiting for the Lord to fulfill a promise he gave to you then this word is for you!

Comparison Kills

When I heard this song by Johnathan McReynolds's, "Comparison Kills" my spirit was leaping in bounds because I just knew that I had to blog about it. It is such an authentic and heartfelt song. This song is so relevant in today's society. We are fixated on images and seeing others on social media and … Continue reading Comparison Kills


A few weeks ago I watched a full interview that Oprah facilitated with our former First Lady, Michele Obama on her newest book "Becoming Michele Obama". I have not read her book yet but it's on my bucket list of books I want to read for sure. This interview truly captured my attention because she was very authentic and transparent as she shared snippets of her book to a very broad audience.